Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ask FM Tracker - Track Anonymous People

Download Ask fm Tracker free of charge today! 

Ask fm tracker is a simple, yet sophisticated program, designed to help you find the source of any anonymous question, by giving you the user's Username & IP address, in seconds! Telephone and locational information may also be available.

How was "Ask fm tracker" created?

As an Ask fm tracker program was in high demand from many users online, our great research team and programmers worked endlessly to create this amazing tool - many other developers thought this was not possible, until now.
Is the Ask fm tracker easy to download and use?

The program is available to all users, free of charge and can be easily obtained by following the tutorial located below.

1. Share this on Facebook!

2. Share this on Google+

3. Download the file and extract it to your desktop!
4. Run the program and fill in the required information.
5. Press 'Track'.
6. Wait for it to complete and a box will pop up with the IP and username.


Tutorial Video:

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